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DNA Testing

Comprehensive and one-stop high-end genetic testing services, including testing services for women’s health screening, prenatal testing and early cancer screening, providing molecular diagnostics, RNA and DNA analysis services, and an independent clinical laboratory in Guangzhou. To provide Chinese and Hong Kong customers with a variety of advanced molecular diagnostic services in neonatal, non-invasive prenatal testing, postpartum and pediatrics, and precision medicine in oncology and oncology treatment. It is one of the few laboratories with two licenses. Genes are functional fragments that carry genetic information on DNA molecules. Genes dominate life and are the source of life, illness, and death.

1. Preventive medicine: the risk of disease can be accurately predicted in the period of health and sub-health.

2. Disease prevention: Disease = internal cause + external cause. By understanding internal factors, the effects of external factors can be effectively avoided, thereby reducing the risk of disease.

3. Health management: Knowing that you have a certain disease susceptibility gene, actively improve the environment and living habits, and do a good job of personal health management.

4. Personalization: Genetic testing prompts us which drugs should be used with caution and which foods should be eaten less, which greatly reduces unnecessary medical expenses and improves efficacy. Avoid greater harm to the human body. Physical examinations are done year after year, and the examination items are very similar. The fact is that you have not done any genetic tests. Maybe you will never know what traps God has buried in your health. Not to mention that during the physical examination, these vulnerable links are “focused care.” 

Genetic testing has opened a window for us. This physical examination can give a glimpse of the risk of disease through genetic testing. Later, we can adjust the physical examination plan in a targeted manner and truly personalize the medical examination plan! It varies from person to person, from gene to gene, and the one that suits you is the best.

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46,000 genetic tests performed last year

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Handling more than 60,000 prenatal testing cases each year

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Composition of more than 80 bioscience experts